Company profile

Auriga Asset Management Ltd is a “Maltese Management Company” in terms of UCITS legislation authorized by the MFSA (Malta Financial Service Authority) license n. IS/60085 18/09/2013

This company is authorized to operate as an Investment Manager on behalf of professional investors, investment companies and eligible counterparties:

  • Investment funds
  • High net worth individuals  (HNWI)
  • Companies
  • Banks
  • Insurance (including captive insurance)
  • Independent asset managers

This company is authorized to operate in Malta and in all European countries on the basis of the European regulations which give freedom of service and establishment provision, through mutual recognition with the competent national authorities (c.d. Passporting).

Currently, Auriga Asset Management can operate in Italy, following its enrollment to the register of foreign Asset Management Companies, in the free provision of services held by the ‘Banca D’Italia’ (Italy Central Bank). Furthermore, the company is currently extending its license to other European countries. An updated list of countries we operate in will be loaded onto this website in due course.

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