Corporate Advisory

Auriga Asset Management, with his team and experience in markets and financial products, is the ideal partner for companies looking to market as a growth opportunity.

For several years by now  financial markets and its operators are opening the doors to companies including SME, Auriga is leading this trend with a team of its experts together with selected partners (bankers, lawyers, auditors), which can provide innovative solutions in the field of financial structuring, on M&A, issuance and placement of securities.

Auriga together with its partners is able to offer the most innovative solutions in the field of corporate finance, with agile products and structures tailored to every need.

That comes true thanks to an in-depth knowledge of all the opportunities coming from Maltese and European regulations and therefore available for companies all over EU/EEA.

Between “ancillary activities”, we would like to draw your attention on the cash and liquidity management, very important for proper business management as company or intra-group.

Through short-term strategies and the selection of appropriate instruments to ensure the best results, our team will maximize the returns on your cash flows in respect of your liquidity needs and capital protection.

For any information regarding the Corporate Advisory, please contact us via the ‘contact us’ section on this website.

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