Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management is the flagship of Auriga, where finding a personalized solution is key.

After attentively listening to our clients’ needs we work to establish our investment objectives and time-frame together with them. From here our management team begins the task of putting together a comprehensive portfolio making sure all finer details are included and that all ‘know-how’ on markets, techniques and management strategies are applied to every single portfolio.

Our management team is varied in experience and specialization. Each portfolio is planned, analyzed and put together with a dynamic approach including various different functions aimed to protect the investor and abide by basic risk management and risk spreading principles.

The selection process uses technical and fundamental analysis, to evaluate the investment by taking into consideration the current market sentiment and be ready to follow the relevant market and sectors trends. Each dossier is individually analyzed by an expert who plans the investment procedure and continually tracks its progress.
The chosen instruments are extended in order to break into the market while adopting a both quantitative and qualitative approach. This is done through using advanced analysis systems and proprietary software which enable us to choose among financial instruments to exactly calibrate the selected exposure.
Our team boasts extensive experience in the ‘derivative instruments’ which, based on the profile and needs of the portfolio, can be utilized as hedging and speculative instruments. Furthermore, they can be utilized to precisely balance the planned exposure.

Macroeconomic and geopolitical aspects  are taken into consideration, the scenarios are updated on a regular basis and in the case of influential events to always ensure a timely and effective response.

If you would like to hear our strategy for the management of your wealth, please do not hesitate to contact us via the relevant section in the ‘contact us’ section on this website.

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