Auriga acts in compliance with simple values that we place at the core of all our actions and commercial relationships:


Discretion is our main corporate value.  It allows us to create a constructive work environment and lasting relationships which in turn favor the birth of the best solutions and the constant growth of our team, all together with our clients.

Customer Knowledge

Natural person, financial institution, company; we believe that the time dedicated to listening to the needs and peculiarities of each individual request or assignment is the best investment. It allows all those involved to have an overall and shared vision of the objectives and the means to reach them.


Transparency is the basis of all human and professional relationships for our company, both internally and externally.  Respect for this value in all company dealings and between all parties involved (The Company, Customers, Collaborators, Service Providers etc.)  allows us to evaluate the aspects and options in the field correctly and promptly, while balancing costs and benefits, risks and opportunities.