Why Malta?

In recent years, the financial industry in Malta has seen unparalleled growth when compared to the rest of the EU.

An ever-increasing number of funds, banks, fund managers and service providers from the financial industry have settled in Malta; fueling the success of this jurisdiction.

Auriga’s management anticipated this trend and chose Malta as its European base with the belief that it would be the most lucrative environment in which to grow its business for a series of simple yet decisive reasons:

• Legal system based on Anglo-Saxon law

• English as an official and business language

• Possibility of “passporting” the licensed activities throughout Europe

• Attractive Taxation scheme

• Highly reliable banking and financial system

• Accessible, approachable and responsive Supervisory Authority (MFSA) 

• Accessibility to all industry players and service providers

• An advantageous price/quality ratio of services and personnel

As a Management Company, Auriga is an independent and respected player in the Maltese financial scene. It has extensive experience in the fund industry in Malta and has excellent relationships with the main players in the financial sector.

Thanks to this synergy with Banks, Administrators, Lawyers and Auditors, we are able to guide you through the selection and implementation of the most appropriate structure for your needs.

For any information about funds in the Maltese jurisdiction, please contact us through the contact page of this site.