Portfolio management is the flagship of Auriga, where finding customized solution is the rule.

After having carefully listened to the client’s needs and having set the objectives and time horizon of the investment with them, our management team begins to build the portfolio, using all the latest market know-how, instruments, management techniques and strategies in order to ensure no aspect is overlooked.

Our management team is diverse in experience and extraction, and each portfolio is designed, analyzed and built with a multidisciplinary approach and with a series of redundant functions, to protect the investor and the basic principles of risk management and risk spreading.

The selection procedure uses technical and fundamental analysis to contextualize the investment in the historical moment so as to follow the trends of the markets and sectors of interest. Each dossier is analyzed individually by an expert who plans the investment operations and checks their progress on an ongoing basis.

The instruments chosen to operate on the market are studied in depth, with both a quantitative and qualitative approach; using advanced analysis systems and proprietary software that allow for the selection of specific financial instruments among those available on the markets, to accurately calibrate the chosen exposure.

Our team has extensive experience in the field of derivative instruments which, depending on the profile and needs of the portfolio, can be used both as hedging and speculation instruments, or to calibrate the chosen exposure with extreme precision. Macroeconomic and geopolitical aspects are taken into account, the scenarios are updated on a regular basis and in light of significant events, to ensure a prompt and effective response at all times.

If you want our expert opinion on the management strategy of your assets, contact us through the contact page of this site.